Name: Awesome T Lace Human Blend HD Lace Front Wig Trinity

Color Shown: OP/Honey Brown
Material: Human Blend
Type: Lace Front Wig
Style: Wavy
Length: Medium
Heat Safe: Safe Up To 380°F



  • 100% Brazilian Human Hair Blend
  • Tangle Free
  • Keratin REMI
  • HIPO-Allergenic

TRINITY $36.99

  • Maintenance:

    • Detangle the hair before wash
    • Soak the wig using mild conditioning shampoo
    • Gently swish the hair and avoiding pulling and rubbing
    • Condition and rinse by letting water run through
    • Pat dry access water
    • Gently finger brush and lay hair on flat surface to dry
    • Dry naturally or use blow dryer with diffuser
    • This human hair blend can only be curled at 380F